Thankfully, no one was hurt. But you may have heard that a man from Salisbury, North Carolina, Edgar Maddison Welch, shot up a pizza joint in Washington, DC today in an effort to ‘investigate’ the “Pizza Gate” conspiracy theory. What on earth is Pizza Gate, you may ask? It’s a Reddit-based far right conspiracy theory alleging a child sex trafficking ring run by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta out of a DC pizza shop. Here’s a tweet tonight from the son of Michael Flynn, the incoming National Security Advisor. Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story. The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many “coincidences” tied to it. — Michael G Flynn🇺🇸 (@mflynnJR) December 5, 2016

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Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story.

Wow. But what about #TacoGate? The communist insurgency being run by @mflynnJR out of taco trucks? Until that is proven false it should remain a story.

Lahren never gave him a straight answer. But he kept coming back to this point, asking her over and over again until it became clear as she just kept asking after Kaepernick and Black Lives Matters’ motivations that she doesn’t quite have a response to his question, after all.

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Worth a read. Watch both videos.

@TBPInvictus here: In light of a recent monthly release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), time for a quick trip to the glorious pacific northwest and the Seattle, WA area to revisit what’s been happening there in the wake of that city’s rising minimum wage. You may recall that even prior to Seattle’s minimum…Read More

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The minimum wage can be raised to 50% of the median wage without disemplyment effects.

Here’s Where Donald Trump Gets His News:

Our analysis revealed a media ecosystem that appears to largely reinforce and affirm the views publicly expressed by Trump and his closest advisers. The news stories Trump tweets share several characteristics: 1) They often favor sensationalism over facts and reporting; 2) They frequently echo direct quotes from Trump himself or his closest advisers; and 3) They routinely malign his enemies and vindicate his most controversial opinions.

The echo chamber in chief?

America’s Berlusconi:

Trump will probably pursue what is essentially a permanent political campaign, injecting himself directly into conversations. Berlusconi has often used television, especially his own commercial channels, to that end. Instead of giving interviews he cannot control, Berlusconi has often worked with favored acolytes, or simply talked directly to the camera. When he was in office, many a political talk show was interrupted by a phone call from the prime minister demanding to have his say.

How to Deal With the Lies of Donald Trump:

Journalists need to understand what Trump is doing and refuse to play by his rules. He is going to use the respect and deference typically accorded to the presidency as an instrument for spreading more lies. Reporters must refuse to treat him like a normal president and refuse to bestow any unearned legitimacy on his administration.

Trump’s proxies need to be asked over and over again to provide evidence. When they are unable, they need to be asked why they are unable to defend the president’s assertion and if they believe what the president said. You can not play he said she said here.

by looking at Census data from 2013 to 2015, which show the impact of the full implementation of Obamacare. Over that period, the number of uninsured Americans dropped by 13 million; whites without a college degree, who voted Trump by around two to one, accounted for about eight million of that decline. So we’re probably looking at more than five million Trump supporters, many of whom have chronic health problems and recently got health insurance for the first time, who just voted to make their lives nastier, more brutish, and shorter.

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Krugman does the math.

Kellyanne Conway Gets Flustered Refusing To Answer Whether Trump’s Voter Fraud Tweet Was True:

George replied, “There is no evidence that there were millions of illegal votes, zero.”

Conway continued to whine about the media and legal recounts that are being conducted and cried, “Why can’t you allow this President-elect to form his government the way that President Obama and Secretary Clinton had suggested they would like him to do?”


NYTimes: Trump Backers Go to Court to Block Vote Recounts in 3 States:

Trump Backers Go to Court to Block Vote Recounts in 3 States

“In an election already tainted by suspicion, previously expressed by Donald Trump himself,” she said, “verifying the vote is a common-sense procedure that would put all concerns around voter disenfranchisement to rest. Trump’s desperate attempts to silence voter demands for recounts raise a simple question: why is Donald Trump afraid of these recounts?”