Here's Where Donald Trump Gets His News

Here's Where Donald Trump Gets His News:

Our analysis revealed a media ecosystem that appears to largely reinforce and affirm the views publicly expressed by Trump and his closest advisers. The news stories Trump tweets share several characteristics: 1) They often favor sensationalism over facts and reporting; 2) They frequently echo direct quotes from Trump himself or his closest advisers; and 3) They routinely malign his enemies and vindicate his most controversial opinions.

The echo chamber in chief?

What Is The One Fact Humanity Needs To Know?

if you could preserve only one single sentence, I would push for: ‘The natural world is not governed by whimsical gods, but is essentially mechanical and can therefore be understood and then predicted by people, using careful observation, experimentation, and measurement, and importantly by testing your explanations to try to refute them.’ It’s this reiterative process of refinement that sets science apart from any other system for explaining how the world works.

Buzzfeed: I Asked 12 Scientists: What Is The One Fact Humanity Needs To Know?

That’s a pretty good one sentence description of the scientific method,