America’s Berlusconi

America’s Berlusconi:

Trump will probably pursue what is essentially a permanent political campaign, injecting himself directly into conversations. Berlusconi has often used television, especially his own commercial channels, to that end. Instead of giving interviews he cannot control, Berlusconi has often worked with favored acolytes, or simply talked directly to the camera. When he was in office, many a political talk show was interrupted by a phone call from the prime minister demanding to have his say.

They called their joint campaign and debates a civility tour

It’s a local race - and no big deal. A state senate seat in Connecticut. And yet …:

The race between [incumbent state Senator Andrew] Maynard and [Republican challenger Stuart] Norman may be unlike any other in the state. Rather than spend their time railing against each other, the two have decided to campaign together, embarking on what they’re calling a “civility tour.” “After one of the first events of the campaign, Andy and I got talking in the hallway, and I talked about how a campaign of civility and respect would be good,” said Norman, who lives in Griswold.

"I said, ‘Andy, you might have better name recognition than me and if the press catches on, it could help me more than you,’ " he said, noting that the unlikely partnership could boost his lesser-known campaign. "And [Maynard] said, ‘I still want to do it,’ " Norman said. "I wouldn’t go as far as saying Andy and I have become good friends, but we respect each other."

They called their joint campaign and debates a civility tour.

From Jon Stewart’s Wet Dream

This is how campaigns should work. Its really hard to launch a barrage of false ad-hominem attacks to someone’s face.