Tom Perez Isn’t As Liberal As Keith Ellison, But He’s Still Pretty Progressive

Tom Perez Isn’t As Liberal As Keith Ellison, But He’s Still Pretty Progressive:

both Perez and Ellison are well to the left of center on the spectrum of beliefs within the Democratic Party, though Ellison’s views are more deeply left. In fact, he’s more liberal than 90 percent of House Democrats, according to FiveThirtyEight ideological ratings that look at congressional voting records, donors and public statements. Ellison scores a -57 in our ratings (-100 is most liberal; +100 is most conservative). The average Democratic member of the House in the 114th Congress (2015-16) had a congressional record voting score of -40. Perez never served in Congress, but he did make an abbreviated run for attorney general of Maryland and has made public statements on political issues. Using these, we estimated his average score at -45, which is not as liberal as Ellison’s but indicates that he may be further to the left than the average Democratic member of the House.

I don’t get the Perez hate. His record is pretty progressive.

Dems To Define GOP With 'Republican-Tea Party Contract With America' (VIDEO) | TPMDC

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine today will announce a new party initiative aimed at defining the Republicans who want to win control of Congress as tea partiers who want to repeal everything and abolish federal agencies.

From Dems To Define GOP With ‘Republican-Tea Party Contract With America’ (VIDEO) | TPMDC

This is brilliant politically. Running against the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement puts the GOP in the position of having to distance themselves from their base. The problem is that it isn’t accurate. I don’t think anyone is worried about the GOP actually repealing or eliminating any major federal programs. My second concern is that this is much like the GOP tactic of attaching mainstream democratic positions with outside fringe elements like MoveOn or perennial boogie-man George Soros.