just like vegas

My gmail spam box is filed with offers for sex, drugs and wildly speculative gambles that are sure to make me very rich. Or very poor. I realized that spam is like Vegas without the fun. What happens in my spam box, stays in my spam box.

new weapons needed for the war on junk email

"Two things typically distinguish today's spam," says Aycock, who monitors potential computer hazards in an effort to block harmful effects. "It comes from an unknown source and contains content that is easily recognizable as spam because of obvious advertising, outrageous wording or gibberish." The next generation of spam, however, could be sent from your friends' and colleagues' email addresses - and even mimic patterns that mark their messages as their own (such as common abbreviations, misspellings, capitalization, and personal signatures) - making you more likely to click on a web link or open an attachment that could harm your computer, spy into your hard drive, or steal your personal information.
In The News: New weapons needed for the war on junk email

Maybe it’s just me, but this is already happening. I’ve seen plenty of spam from users that are in my address books when some third party becomes infected by some spam zombie Trojan.

friendster for email

The software maker this week released a free utility that aims to sort e-mail in a new way: It can organize messages not just by how recent they are, but also by whether the recipient knows the sender well.
I think that the solution to spam is something like friendster for email. People who are in your extended social network, or in your email address book; would be able to send you email. Email from other sources would be quarantined. A link here