Is Coal Waste Leaching Into America’s Drinking Water?

At more than 70 sites across the country, toxins like arsenic, mercury, and radium are leaching into groundwater from pond-like storage pits filled with the sludgy leftovers of coal burning.
via Is Coal Waste Leaching Into America’s Drinking Water?
From The New Republic. One of Trump’s 1st acts was to end monitoring of coal ash and allow coal companies to discard it into lakes and streams. We now see coal ash poisoning our drinking water.

An artificial leaf and a gallon of water could generate enough energy to power your house for a day

New research out of MIT has created an artificial leaf that’s not only cheap to build, but resilient too. The leaf is like a thinner version of a playing card in size. When placed in water in sunlight, it uses the new, inexpensive catalysts to convert the liquid into hydrogen and oxygen - and each of the gasses is emitted from a different side of the leaf - which can then be used as a power source. Using the leaf, a gallon of water can be used to generate enough power to fuel a house for a day. Currently the device functions at 10 times the efficiency of photosynthesis, but the researchers are sure they can improve it further.

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Unidentified Biological Goo

A gigantic smear of gooey, black biological material is making its way through the Chukchi Sea between Wainwright and Barrow in Northern Alaska. Eyewitnesses say it’s definitely a living entity, though unlike anything they’ve seen before. Closeup shot below.
The blob was first spotted last week, floating in Arctic waters. Big chunks of it - some as much as “12 miles long,” according to the Anchorage Daily News, are drifting through the sea. A helicopter tracked the spread of the goop for 15 miles and saw no end to it. So far, none of unknown substance has touched shore.
From: http://io9.com/5315841/unidentified-biological-goo-15-miles-long-creeps-down-alaskan-coast

Scary stuff. It look like it comes from a David Kronenberg written X-Files script.