The Peril of Taxing Elite Higher Education

The investment that leads to growth is not just in plant and equipment. It also includes human capital, which means educating our labor force. And it includes the knowledge that flows from basic research. The United States is an economic superpower in part because we have the best university system in the world. **The tax bill undermines that.**
via Mankiw:The Peril of Taxing Elite Higher Education
This is a must read. The new taxes on Universities did not get the coverage it should have.

Wrecking the Ship of State

Wrecking the Ship of State:

After Donald Trump’s surprise election victory, many people on the right and even in the center tried to make the case that he wouldn’t really be that bad. Every time he showed a hint of self-restraint — even if it amounted to nothing more than reading his lines without ad-libbing and laying off Twitter for a day or two — pundits rushed to declare that he had just “become president.”

But can we now admit that he really is as bad as — or worse than — his harshest critics predicted he would be?