Peter Thiel

What Does Peter Thiel Want?

What Does Peter Thiel Want?:

Thiel’s motivations become much more legible if you begin with the premise that he is endorsing Trump not because he believes in the candidate’s particular policy prescriptions but because he wants to instrumentalize Trump in an effort to propagate his vision of a political future in which elites are liberated to radically remake the system of governance to better serve their interests.

Peter Thiel's support for Donald Trump is a bigger threat to press freedom than his lawsuits - Vox

Trump himself, of course, is no stranger to the idea that a rich person can use harassing lawsuits to discourage critical media coverage. When veteran business journalist Tim O'Brien reported that Trump isn’t as rich as he says he is, Trump launched a series of frivolous lawsuits. (via Peter Thiel’s support for Donald Trump is a bigger threat to press freedom than his lawsuits - Vox)

This is a story that isn’t getting enough coverage. Thiel and Trump both have a view that some people, mostly people like them, should not be criticized by the press. They should have the law on their side and it should be possible to use the law to silence others. It’s disturbing. It would be called political correctness if that term were used in this context.

Thiel Apologists Still Having a Hard Time

Using the civil courts as an instrument of private vengeance rather than to compensate or punish injuries corrupts the legal system. Doing so in secret deprives the public and the jury of the knowledge which would create some self-correcting mechanism to limit such abuse. It’s as simple as that. Comparing this to lawsuits brought by the ACLU or a conservative public interest law firm is either silly, dishonest or stupid. (via Thiel Apologists Still Having a Hard Time)

Defending gawker reminds me of defending Too-Live-Crew in the 1990s. I’m cringing but it’s the right thing to do. Thiel seem to think his hurt feelings trump the free speech of others. I don’t see a single difference between that Thiel is doing and what the right calls “Social Justice Warriors” silencing others.