President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing

President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing:

There is a wide gap, a chasm even, between what the administration has said and what it has done. There have been 45 executive orders or presidential memoranda signed, which may seem like a lot but lags President Barack Obama’s pace. More crucially, with the notable exception of the travel ban, almost none of these orders have mandated much action or clear change of current regulations. So far, Trump has behaved exactly like he has throughout his previous career: He has generated intense attention and sold himself as a man of action while doing little other than promote an image of himself as someone who gets things done.

It is the illusion of a presidency, not the real thing.

All talk, no action.

Rand doesn't stand

Rand doesn't stand:

If Paul really wanted to help the cause of reining in the NSA, critics say he could have broken with his party and voted to let the bill move ahead — a headline-grabbing moment that would make him stand out from the rest of the Republican presidential field. Instead, the Kentucky senator — the GOP’s most famous libertarian — voted to block the bill from even being debated.

Rand Paul, not a friend of civil liberties.

Snowden Is The Kind of Guy I Used to Recruit—in Russia

Snowden Is The Kind of Guy I Used to Recruit—in Russia:

As a former director of operations for the CIA, I see Snowden in a very different light. My colleagues and I in the agency spent our careers looking for people like him—on the other side, that is. We worked hard to locate the kind of person who could be persuaded to give up his country’s secrets: narcissistic, often delusional under-achievers whom we could hope to turn into loose-lipped sources in our enemies’ camps and other hostile locations. We understood just how valuable it was to every aspect of our foreign policy to know the plans and intentions of our enemies; the best way to do this was to look for a source and exploit people like Snowden, the National Security Agency leaker, ­ to target for this purpose.

Not totally convinced. Not sure if Snowden even fits the description “narcissistic, often delusional under-achievers” very well. He seems to be pretty well thought out. And despite being a high school drop out, he seems not to fit the bumbling under-achievers mold.

Carville's advice, Fire. Indict. Fight.

People often ask me what advice I would give the White House about various things," Carville wrote on Wednesday. "Today I was mulling over election results from New York and Nevada while thinking about that very question. What should the White House do now? One word came to mind: Panic." Carville said Democrats are "past sending out talking points" and said he would tell the president, "The time has come to demand a plan of action that requires a complete change from the direction you are headed." Carville's advice: "Fire. Indict. Fight.
James Carville: Obama should 'panic' - Mackenzie Weinger - POLITICO.com