Scott Adams

The Comey Fog


Ex-FBI Director Comey released a statement ahead of his appearance before Congress, and it has heads spinning. I’ll tell you how things look through what I call the Persuasion Filter.

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Could a trained lawyer sort out this complexity and at least tell you whether or not a law has been broken? Apparently not. Otherwise the lawyers on both sides would agree. They don’t.

Scott Adams doesn’t understand how law works? The lawyers for the defense would be working to find arguments that their client didn’t break the law, or did not intended to break the law etc. It’s ridiculous to suggest that Trump’s defense would have to agree that Trump is guilty for Trump to be guilty. Scott Adams is an idiot.

Scott Adams is a yuuuuge idiot, short attention span edition

Scott Adams is a yuuuuge idiot

Part of the fun in watching Scott Adams justify Trump’s many failings is that he isn’t looking at things through a reality filter. He thinks Trump’s advisors are leaking that Trump has a short attention span, not because Trump has a short attention span but because those advisors can’t tell the difference between short attention spans and a hurried executive. Unlike Scott Adams. Who asures everyone he is really smart. What justification does he give? None. Doesn’t even consider it. Because Scott Adams is so high on his own supply he has lost touch with reality.

Scott Adam’s Dumbest Post Yet

Scott Adams is an idiot and this post is his dumbest yet

Do you see Trump asking Comey to end the Flynn investigation in the quote “I hope you can let this go”?

Of course. Everyone did. Trump cleared the room. He asked Comey about the investigation. The dots connect in a nice neat line.

I’m no lawyer, but I can’t see any judge or jury in the United States prosecuting someone for expressing a hope that the future turns out well for his friend.

How on earth does he get there from “I hope you can let this go” ? By the magic of feigned incredulity.

Watch the headlines and pundits today transmogrify “hope” into “asked to end the Flynn investigation.”

No Scott, the key word is this not hope. You can infer that his use of the word this was in refrence to the investigation and not Comey’s feelings about the world at that point in time.

Not to mention that Trump has literally said he wanted to see an end to the investigation.

That isn’t news. That is an assassination.

Wow. Investigating Trump over an impossible to believe story and an improbable chain of events is an assassination. Scott has played all the victim cards at once.

But if that happens, no Democrat and no anti-Trump Republican will ever be able to govern in the future. Payback is guaranteed. The next President to sit in the White House will be leaked to the point of ineffectiveness. And that’s how the Republic dies.

Scott is too dumb to see that as an accurate description of seven of the eight years Obama was in office. The TPP process, the sequester, the attempts at immigration reform. All those were destroyed by partisan leaking. Not to mention the DNC leaks that targeted Hillary. What Scott is holding up as the terrible consequence of holding Trump accountable is already the reality for democrats. He’s just too dumb to see it.

Stick to unfunny cartoons.

The Comey Firing


What do Bernie Sanders’ hair and CNN have in common today? They are both saying, “Comey” every time you look at them.

The news coverage of Comey’s firing has become excellent entertainment. This is the biggest cognitive dissonance cluster bomb we’ve seen since election night. This one has everything.

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My cursory understanding of the topic is that Trump’s critics say he fired Comey to put a chill on the FBI’s investigation of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. This theory sort-of-almost makes sense, in a hypothetical and indirect way. I could see how taking out the top dog would make the underdogs at the FBI worry about going hard at the President. On the other hand, the people doing the actual investigation are professionals, and there would be too many witnesses if they did a bad job.

Scott Adams is an idiot.

The critics were right. Adams dismisses the idea because he doesn’t see how bad Trump is at even basic things. Adams is suffering from cognitive dissonance. Trump’s critics are not.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams is the worst blogger | The Outline

Even though Adams is nearly 60, everything he writes brings to mind the type of pseudo-intellectual The Simpsons parodied with Comic Book Guy — a thoroughly mediocre man who fancies himself an intellectual by extension of having bad hygiene and a repellent personality, the type who clogs up video game forums with the same sort of non-arguments and logic games that clog up the Dilbert blog.

(via Dilbert creator Scott Adams is the worst blogger | The Outline)

This is spot on. Worth a read.

Scott Adams: About the 97% of Climate Scientists

Dilbert Dude on Climate

Let’s say 1% of climate scientists are actually involved in generating the temperature data and deciding what to include, what to smooth, what to replace, and so on. … What follows next is pure speculation, based on my years of experience in corporate America and my understanding of human nature. No. It’s all speculation. There is no actual analysis in the analysis. It’s built on speculation.

Second, if he knew how scientists actually work he would know that if the source data were bad, the model builders would notice when the models made predictions that didn’t fit. This is how they realized that the ocean data was off in the early 2000s. Everything downstream serves as validation of source data.

The Odds of Being Killed by an Immigrant


I keep seeing tweets and articles saying the odds of an immigrant killing a citizen of the United States are approximately zero. Obviously those calculations assume that our past experiences do a good job of predicting what happens next. And this is good news. Really, really, good news.

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Scott Adams is dumb.

He argues that the immigration is safe because it has always been safe is like arguing that we shouldn’t fear nuclear attacks or climate change since they’re never destroyed the world. This is a bad argument.

We have hundreds of years of immigration data and it’s always the same. Immigrants come, people complain. They integrate into society and their grand kids complain about the next wave of immigrants.

We have hundred of data points about weapons. Ever weapon system gets used. We also have hundred of data points on how societies are effected by climate change. Also not good.

It’s totally rational to treat immigration differently than nukes and climate change. And it’s shockingly idiotic to conflate them.

A Lesson in Cognitive Dissonance


Imagine you are one of the anti-Trump folks who believe we just elected a racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, science-denying dictator. Let’s say that’s the movie playing in your mind. That’s some scary stuff.

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This is hilarious. Scott Adams is attempting to spin Trump reversing himself on almost everything as Trump being “flexible and pragmatic on just about everything”

Using Scott’s argument:

People stated that Trump lies about everything. Pathologically so. After being elected, Trump demonstrates that his own claims and promises are and unreliable method of determining what he will actually do

Do Trump supporters:

1. Reinterpret their self-images from wise to clueless.


2. Generate an even stronger hallucination. (Cognitive dissonance.)

Mr. Adams shows that he is swimming in cognitive dissonance.

I wasn’t lied to. I’m not a sucker. I didn’t vote for what Trump promised. I voted because I wanted to be surprised by his actual opinions are once he is in office.Wow.