Lock-in is making everything worse for everyone.

Lock-in is making everything worse for everyone.:

The battle between Twitter and Facebook has made both products worse and caused weird restrictions to users on both sides, such as the walls both companies have installed between Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is now ultra-paranoid, defensive, aggressive, and full of annoying ads. Facebook’s core product is a mess as it continually tries (and fails) to capture the usage and style of Twitter, while annoying people more and more to keep its ads effective.

Interesting. Starts with commentary on Amazon Prime and points out a trend of favoring lock-in to making products better.

The 140-Character One-Liner

It’s a laugh every 140 characters for these tweeters, from Patton Oswalt and Rainn Wilson to Steve Martin and Sarah Silverman.

From Wired

140 Characters is the new haiku. But is is also the perfect format for quips.

There should be a twitter version of angry birds where you go after the fail whale. Once the whale is knocked down, your tweet would post. Not sure if this would increase or decrease tweets posted.

Twitter Offers HTTPS Option

The optional HTTPS setting is intended to better protect users who connect to Twitter over Wi-Fi - where hackers can sniff out passwords and hijack user accounts. It comes months after a Firefox add-on called Firesheep that made it trivially easy to temporarily take over the accounts of people using Twitter and Facebook over Wi-Fi.


About time.