Media echo GOP's fixation on size of House health care reform bill

Following the release of the House Democrats’ health care reform bill, the leaders of the House Republican caucus repeatedly stressed the length and size of the bill during an October 29 press conference. Numerous media figures and outlets have followed in lockstep
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There has been a noticeable lack of debate on the substance of the bill and an massive amount of spit-balling, subterfuge and horse race coverage. In a world where there is debate like Was Hayek A Socialist? because he had the nerve to suggest that mandates are compatible personal responsibility. I’m waiting for the ultra-right to start debating if Jefferson and Adams were socialists because they believed in a social contract.

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I was born in 1953. Like the rest of my generation, I took the America I grew up in for granted - in fact, like many in my generation I railed against the very real injustices of our society, marched against the bombing of Cambodia, went door to door for liberal candidates. It's only in retrospect that the political and economic environment of my youth stands revealed as a paradise lost, an exceptional episode in our nation's history.
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Paul Krugman has a blog. And the whole Times Select non-sense is over.


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Group Seeks I.R.S. Inquiry of Two Ohio Churches

A group of religious leaders has sent a complaint to the Internal Revenue Service requesting an investigation of two large churches in Ohio that they say are improperly campaigning on behalf of a conservative Republican running for governor.
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This is the real reason to oppose the President’s Faith Based initiatives. It not only promotes the politicization of religion, it rewards it.